Conquest Map Maker

CMM download site

Conquest Map Maker (CMM) is a map editor for Sean O'Conner's Conquest. Conquest can be acquired at

CMM has all of the core features you would expect for creating new maps and editing existing ones, plus it has these more interesting functions:

  • Scan a map image for unused areas and automatically generate territories in them
  • Analyze a map image and automatically connect bordering territories (or find errors with existing border connections)
  • Resize maps
  • Rename all territories based on their continent names (e.g. "Asia 1", "Asia 2", etc.)
  • Center selected territories within their borders (weighted average position)

You need a recent version of the Java runtime installed to use CMM. Java can be downloaded at and is very easy to install. CMM itself is a single file (cmm.jar) and requires no installation. Once you have Java installed, you can run cmm.jar like any other executable--double click on it from an Explorer window, create shortcuts to it, run it from the command line, etc. It will create a configuration file and a log file in the directory you run it from.

Click here to download CMM version 2.0 (beta)

Click here to download a collection of maps made with CMM.